Fashion for the REAL Women from the Indian Subcontinent

wpid-fayette-mall.jpgwpid-long-anarkali-ideas-suits-for-wedding-10.jpgwpid-belteddresses.jpgSo I was in the mall today and was observing fashion all around me on different body types and what I realized is that there is no one guidelines for real women. I know if you are tall and skinny everything fits but lets face it that the average indian woman is 5″3 and even 5″4 is considered acceptably tall back home. But even thin women have issues in bust and hip areas. So there are trends for women but what about comfortableness. We don’ t have flat stomachs so will the belt give me a shape ..yes and no.. as it depends on where the belt hits you sadly worst come scenarios are that you either look pregnant or super busty. The toughest challenge I think is that women think if its loose it looks covering and good but what women don’ t realize is that it looks shapeless. The confusion doesn’t end in western wear but continues in ethnic wear as well because since we live in countries away from home we want to appear fashionable at desi dos but unfortunately indian couture again may or may not suit us. E.g. Anarkalis are a rage but does that mean long anarkalis look good not necessary depends on your height, everything hides in anarkalis so women look thin false the result could be drastically opposite as empire lines are not flattering on all body types. My blog is going to focus on fashion for the real south asian women each article alternating between indian and western wear. So follow me on more style and fashion info.