Beauty Box

Sorry it has been a while but my mom duties have been taking up most of my time. Being a first time mom is a great feeling but also makes one not want to loose their identity in this new role. I had actually started putting together a make up box for myself about 5 months ago but that was put to a stop since February,  so finally now got around to doing it. 

 While trying to decide on the products that would suit my skin, style and budget. It is important to know what you should spend on and what you can skimp on. I researched about which is the best and what would work for my needs.  So here are some pointers on creating the perfect beauty box for you :

1. LIST : Making a list of all the products you need. I was creating one which I could use for daily wear and special occasions.  Not that they are that different, it is just that I don’t want to use a foundation everyday so prefer a BB cream. Use how you start your beauty routine as a starting point. 

2. CLEANSING : A good face wash and  toner are considered the basic essentials for any beauty regime.  I am currently using an Elizabeth Arden Prevage face wash , it is from their anti ageing skincare line. I have been wondering at what age should one start using the anti ageing products and now think above 30 is the right time, I also think it depends on how young your skin feels. Always make sure you use a face wash which suits you and targets the flaws or concerns you have about your skin. Nature based face wash products always seem more effective for acne and pore related problems. The other important cleansing product is also the toner, I used the Clinique toner in the past but have been using rose water recently.  It’s cooling and smells nice as well. I also would advice in using a face scrubbing brush as it really does remove dead skin and gives your face a nice scrub leaving it smooth and ready. 

Major buys : Cleansing brush 

My box : Estee Lauder perfectly clean foam cleanser, rose water, Clinique cleansing brush 

2. HYDRATING : I have become a fan of the Ceramide capsules of the Prevage line, as their pure collagen and are like an oil drop to moisturize your face. They give a nice glow and work well on any skin tone. Most cosmetic giants have capsules and serum which are for anti ageing or elasticity. These capsules are not reactive and make your skin more supple. After the capsule put on a moisturizer . A good moisturizer is something you should spend on as it is the base of all your beauty products.  I know ponds and lakme have great everyday products but looking into more expensive skincare lines might actually improve the texture of your skin. While choosing a moisturizer the focus should be on hydration especially during the summer look for one with spf. 

Major buys : Moisturizer and serums

My box : Elizabeth Arden visible difference and Ceramide capsules, origins white tea age defying moisturizer

3. PREPPING : Always use a primer before putting a foundation as it evens out the skin giving you a smooth base. There are seperate eye shadow primers and eyelash primers as well. One can use a face primer for eye shadow one as well, eyelash primers are great for elongating the lashes. After the primer use a concealer,  this helps in  hiding blemishes, spots and marks. Concealer can also be used with a tinted moisturizer for a daily wear foundation. 

Major buys : Primer and concealer

My box :Estee Lauder the illuminator and double wear concealer

4.  BASE : Clinique’s BIY drops are the perfect option for daily wear foundation as you just add a couple of drops to your moisturizer and your base of done. One can also opt for tinted moisturizer or BB creams and mix it in with your moisturizer to keep it more neutral as well as less caky.  One layer of base always works well during the day. A good  foundation is  one of the most important investments for the perfect make up box. The foundation is the base of your make up and should match your skin colour so always try the foundation on your face before making a purchase.

Major buys : Foundation 

My box : Elizabeth Arden Flawless finish foundation,  Clinique BIY drops

5. CONTOURING: This has become my latest fixation. Contouring involved 3 products : A Bronzer or a dark eyeshadow, a highlighter  and  a blush.  I used to think it is a very tedious task but is actually not. The simple way to remember is make a no. 3 on each side i.e. use a bronzer on the top of your forehead from one side to the other then right under your cheek bones and on your jawline, also use it on the sides of your nose. After that use a highlighter on your forehead , your nose, cupids bow and under your eye.The blush is used to give color to the apple of your cheeks, during the summer one can also use a light bronzer as a blush for getting a sunkissed glow.  The latest technique of strobing involves using only the highlighter and blush making it more easy to highlight your features. Naked, Urban  Decay and some more companies have contouring kits and palettes so you have all together making it easier to apply. I personally prefer having a blush palette so I can have more colours to choose from, so have a bronzer and a highlighter separately. I like using the highlighting sticks as they are so easy to use and give a nice sheen to ones complexion.  A highlighter can also be used under the eyebrows to brighten the eye, and even be applied on top of your lipstick to give it a metallic sheen. The major investment here should be made in getting a good highlighter and a bronzing powder with a couple of shades. A bronzer duo  or trio also gives more uses as a blush or eyeshadow as well. Am currently using the highlighter stick from Elizabeth Arden and a bronzer duo from PINK. Baked blushes tend to have a couple of tints of the same shade,  the Sephora coral was a favourite. Cheek stains are another type of blush.

Major buys : A highlighting stick and baked blush palette

My box : Sephora baked blush in coral, estee lauder pure color envy sculpting blush in shades of pink and sunburst highlighter,  Elizabeth Arden Beautiful colour bronze duo

7. EYES : After applying a primer, the next step should be the Eye shadow. I personally use a light shade under the brow and the waterline to brighten the eye. Depending on the outfit and occasion the eye can be done up or played down. 3 shades give a nice dimension, use the lightest under the brow and the darkest on the lower lid. I always use an eyeliner and kohl, most times using eye pencils personal favourite being the felt tip ones. My one splurge is the M.A.C black kohl as it is the darkest and smoothest.  I always have a black eye pencil but the only other colors I might wear are Brown, green, blue and purple. My go to eye pencil is black so making an expensive buy on that is worth while the other colors are for occasions so they are normally cheaper brand’s. The final touch is the mascara frames your eye, with the immense varieties targeting aspects of lengthening, volumizing and curling one can be confused. Maybelline has some really good mascaras, but I use a lancome primer and  keep changing the mascara as the primer really conditions,  lengthens and gives a fuller lash effect. Cream shadows give more moisture, lancome has recently introduced the liquid eye shadow which is put with a brush.

Major buys : A black kohl or eye pencil and lash primer 

My box : M.A.C definitely black pro.longwear eyeliner, Bobbi Brown long wear eye pencil in black, Clinique skiny jeans skiny stick, Wet and Wild kohl crayon in taupe, ulta eye shadow palette, Lancome Cils booster xl and Elizabeth Arden Ceramide mascara.

8. LIPS :Lips the highlight of any make up, a dash of colour that can change your entire look. Lip oils are the latest range and one of the most hydrating products. Matte, moisturizing,  metallic, chubby sticks are just the few types of lipsticks available. Lip liners and lip gloss are other lip products which highlight them.  Some prefer to outline lips first and then fill it in, and some apply the lipstick and then line them for a more blended look. Lip crayons,  tints and stains are more liquid cream based products. One should always have one nude shade and one bold shade. Red is not the only option as orange and fine are also clearly becoming more popular. Lancome ‘s lip pen, Urban Decay metallic lipsticks in blue and M.A.C lips are becoming popular. Dior’s dioraddict which enhances your natural lip shade.

Major buys : A nude shade and a chapstick. 

My box : Faces dress up lipstick, Elizabeth Arden Coral caress lip oil, Clinique chubby stick in Brick Red, Estee Lauder tumultous pink and Powrerful pure color envy lipsticks,  Chanel moisture lip paint in Mauve,  Elizabeth Arden lip protestant stick

9. FINISHING : Setting powders or spray help keep your make up in place without smudging and gives your face a non greasy look. Lipgloss give a nice sheen and seal in any extra lipstick and no look is complete without having a signature scent which compliments your look and personality. Finding a fragrance also a task and one should always spray it on their hands before buying it as it mixes with your natural scent so no  2 people will smell the same even if they use the same perfume. My personal preferences are more fresh and musky scents. 

Major buys : A Setting powder and Fragrance 

My box : Bvlgari Omnia,  Origins sheer finishing powder and Elizabeth Arden sheer lip gloss

10. APPLICATOR : Your make up is impossible without the right brush application. There is a brush for every product, foundation brushes are soon being replaced by the sponges which are proving to be better applicators and are helpful in contouring as well. Powder brush are best for blush, eye shadow brush help in smoky eyes, lip blushes for even application and even for mixing shades. And the most essential male up remover or wipes which help in cleaning your skin and hydrating it.

Major buy : Make up sponge and powder brush 

My box : Bare Minerals brush set with case

Thus, these different products help me create a look which is me and reflects my personality.  Make up is so personal and is based on your personal style. Always choose your make up from the foundation to the lipstick as the colours should compliment your natural skin color and tone . So go shopping and get your beauty box! 

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