Cape Crusade

Capes the trend which has only increased this fall. Capes are fast replacing blazers, ponchos, throws and in ethnic wear the dupatta. They make handling an outfit simpler, plus keep you warm depending on the fabric. So let’s take a look at the different capes  and how you can style them :

1. The Cape Blazer: one of the latest trends to hit the fashion stores.  The fall Fashion has a variety of leather capes  which can be worn to work quickly replacing the blazer and cardigans. 

2. Woolen capes : every winter the ponchos and parkas hit the stores but now you can find a variety of woolen capes, whether pashmina or knit. They have soon become the completer piece especially for winter Fashion when one does require the extra cover from the chill.

3. Cape Dupatta: just like the drape trend a few years ago, the Cape dupatta has caught on. Capes do have a longer back but this is stitched on to the front like an open dupatta. Mostly with short sleeves or sleeveless kurtas, lehenga and even anarkalis. They keep it ethnic but trendy at the same time. The material is the same as the kurta mostly flowy fabrics as they give a better fall. Sometimes they are also used  jacket piece on kurtas instead of replacing the dupatta. 

4. Cape blouses : the saree blouse which tends to be more like brassiere or a crop tops is now attached with a cape. Thus, making the pallu being draped on the side,  making a style statement.

These were the different types of the capes,  now let’s talk about their pros :

1. Fit : there is not really a fit, so one doesn’t  have to worry about the size except in the Blazer. But they do need to fit the shoulders property and not sagar as then it will end up drooping.

2. Covers : capes tend to cover as they only have slits  for the arms, the dupatta variety doesn’t even have that as it ends at the elbows making it easier for movement. 

3. Completes : it completes an outfit and adds a bit of elegance, as its the top layer. It makes a statement and keeps it simple at the same time.

  Thus, it does have considered mostly being too much fabric around the top area may make some look bulkier, but if used with the right fabric it will give a more complete look. So go ahead, and get your super powers on ladies:) 


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