There have been articles on materials, colours, silk, etc.  Today’s blog is about fabrics and how we can mix them while making our outfits.
  Today lets focus on the mixing of fabrics, we tend to contrast colours but are often stuck between choosing fabrics,  so here’s a guide to those choices :


1. Texture : while choosing  a fabric texture or feel of the material is important. You cannot mix two entirely different textures they have to have some continuity. Like cotton and satin not a good idea as due to the difference in the sheen plus the outfit looses continuity. So silk and raw silk, cotton and lizzie bizzie,etc. Though one is hard and other soft, the glaze and  texture is similiar.


2. Transparency : sheer and non sheer are the most common mixes that we do. Organza with cotton, net with satin, lace with velvet,etc. Why do they work? Because they compliment each other,and showcase the opaqueness and see throughness. They solidify each others form.


3.Sheen : the shine or glaze of the fabric is the most important factor. It enhances the quality and colour scheme. If 2 fabrics are glossy then they have a continuity making it easy to pair them. Mixing butter crepe with silk, raw silk and jute, brocade and silk, etc.


4. Colouring: while mixing prints and fabrics, colour becomes the most important seamless connection of an outfit. Not all materials have all colours, hues change as per fabric. So, the colour of satin will never be the same nor net and chiffon. So be careful while coordinating colours.


5. Connectors : if you incorporate borders and trimmings to enhance your outfit, their fabric has to be complimentary as well. Contrast is good, mixing is good but the beauty should be intact.
  Thus, these pointers give you an idea on how you can mix fabrics. Using different textures is experimentation with the design, if not balanced correctly you will look like a fashion faux pas rather than a fashionista. Experiment and show case misfits as the next big thing cause creativity is what it is all about.


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