Sorry for missing for more than a week. As I have been travelling, currently in my homeland so being more accessible for my indian readers. Will be back with 2 blogs weekly starting next week.

Shoes are not only the final touch but also an integral part of every outfit. They can make or break your look depending on the coordination.There are certain essentials needed to create the perfect shoe closet. Just like the apparel essentials in timelessness, there are certain shoes which you can always rely on to make your outfit perfect. So lets look at some of these:


1. Black pumps: Pumps are ideal as they can make any outfit look classy. Essential for work wear, but dress up a pair of jeans with these for a night out or mute a bright evening dress. They go equally well with ethnic wear. Best pairing with churidars or straight pants. Heels can vary from kitten to stiletto, the sharper the shoe the better the effect.


2. White Slides: White shoes are as essentials as black heels. So, the question is why slides or sandals? White as a colour is very stark and stands out, in the form of a sandal or slide, due to the straps it balances the colour on your feet and gives it a natural and less matt effect. White looks great with coloured outfits especially dresses, keep in mind while wearing black bottoms black might look better as the contrast can sometimes be an eyesore instead of an eye candy.


3. Nude Peeptoes : Peeptoes are the best combination of pumps and sandals, they have the combined elegance and ease of both. The best part of nude shoes is that they don’t take away the focus of the outfit, plus make your feet look naturally beautiful with just a little hint of your nail colour to make your feet pop.They go with all colours and outfits and are perfect formal wear.


4. Brown wedges : Brown wedges are the perfect casual sandals, and make any outfit casual chic especially with capris and maxi dresses. Brown is fast becoming one of the most basic shoe colours, and can go with all outfits.


5. Flats : be it ballet flats or beaded gladiators, flats have their own uniqueness in the shoe closet. They  go well with shorts, capris and pants. Mojris are a good turn on ballet flats, and add funkiness to casual jeans and t-shirts. Ballet flats look nice with cigarette pants and add elegance.


6. Sneakers : whether you own a pair of street keds or flt flops or good running shoes. They are a shoe staple especially when you are on the run. Salwar with bulky keds always remind of the Bhaji on the Beach aunties, so here is a style tip, if you wear only ethnic clothes than opt for street keds or fitflops as they are below the ankle. Sketchers have a really good variety in these. Good sneakers are very important especially with shock absorbent so the impact of hard surfaces on the foot is lesser.I have tried many but now have become a loyalist of New they have the most comfortable sole and the best work out gear.


7. Shiny shoes: the wedding and party wear essential. Finding an outfit is easy, the shoe the hard part. Gold and silver are wedding staples, but copper and rose gold are not far behind. The varieties in this section are ever-increasing be it shimmer, stone work or metallic. My personal preference has always been gold shimmer pumps and a metallic silver kolhapuri. These 2 will go with all the wedding finery.


8. Ruby slippers : there is something alluring about red that it makes everything instantly sexy. Strappy or wet leather or even suede, they can make a boring outfit pop.The colour and the style is what makes it sexy, pair a monotone outfit even with red strappy wedge sandals and see the heads turn.


9. Knee high Tan boots: just like summer essentials are wedge sandals, winter’s are Tan boots. Knee high boots are more for warmth, but now are a fashion staple. Tan is a more muted colour, and somehow the rusticness enhances its winter charm. Paired with knee-length skirts or skinny jeans, and be stylish while walking through the snow.


10. Designer heels: one pair of fancy designer heels, is what completes a desirable shoe closet. Be it Mui Mui patent leather pumps, Manolo Blahniks peepstoes, Christian Louboutins strappy gold stilettos, Jimmy Choo’s ankle strap mary janes or Steve Madden wedge sandals. Just ensure that when you are selecting, invest in something that’s their signature cause that is the best. If you buy Salvatore Ferragamo ensure that they crocodile leather or Aldo flats are the most comfortable. Own a pair which is what epitomizes your style and will be the perfect addition.

Thus, shoes are not just an accessory or what you need on a daily basis. But the style becomes a part of your personality. You can judge a woman by her shoe, so they should be well maintained, stytlish and compliment your oiutfit. So don’t wear stone work shoes with a stonework outfit, you do not have to be matchy but complimentary. So, go ahead and start your shoe closets.


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