While talking about designer labels how can one forget purses. They have become the most expensive commodity.
   Now there are designers and brands only for shoes and bags, gone our the days when Bata or Metro shoes were sufficient. Shoes and bags have become a status symbol and are as expensive as buying jewellery. So lets explore your arm candy options :


                        Birkin ©


            The Kelly ©
1. Birkin Bag : one of the most expensive and exquisite handbags in the world is made by Hérmes. A true collectors wishlist item, this has 2 handles unlike the Kelly which has one. Prices vary based on the material the most expensive being crocodile skin and the inside is lined with goat skin. This bag is an icon and has waitlist if one wants it.


                      Sophie ©



2. Michael Kors : originally the best designer for women sportswear but on his foray into handbags have skyrocketed his demand. The Selma and Sophie satchels in his signature design have been flying of the shelves. So if you are looking to add his name to your collection then, that’s the one to go for.


          2 park avenue beau©


               Nylon boxy bag©

3. Kate Spade : one of the fastest growing armcandy, originally was the boxy nylon bag but now its signature is the 2 park avenue beau bag. Spacious and with a bow it is soon gaining popularity with the girly girls and the working women. So if you plan to add a spade it would be these 2.


            The classic city bag ©


                   Madison Tote ©

4. Coach : Coach bags have been the ‘it’ bag since 1987. The classic city bag has been the most iconic followed by the satchels. Coach has been passed on by mothers to daughters as treasured possessions. The signature design is an addition piece in bag essentials. Though now it has stiff competition from the above brands, its been one of my personal favourite handbag brands.


           © the baguette

5. Fendi : made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’ the baguette has been the ‘it’ bag for the last 15 years. The small bag is classy enough for a party and light enough to run errands with. Add this with your Manholo Blahnik collection and feel like one of the girls.


                   The city bag ©


                Motorcycle bag ©

6. Balenciaga: the motorcycle bags, especially the city leather collection is one of the most iconic and stylish bags in the market. They are spacious totes which have changed the work bag and weekend bag space. So looking for a big bag we know where you should head.


               Paddington ©

7. Chloe:  originally famous for its fragrances, since 2002 its Paddington bags have topped the baglist. It has been termed as the ‘Sexiest armcandy’ especially with the big lock. So want to be seductive head to Chloes for the handbag collection.


             Alexa Bag ©

8. Mulberry : the famous Alexa bag which is a briefcase shaped leather satchel has become one of the most iconic bags of all time. So if you want to be trendy chic at work look for a briefcase bag.


             Knucklebox clutch ©

9.Alexander McQueen : he was one of the biggest names in apparel fashion but no one can forget his signature knucklebox clutch. Its the perfect evening bag, as the gold rings don’t only make it easy to hold but are also an exquisite accessory. Thus, a formal evening clutch collection is incomplete without an Alexander McQueen.


               Veneta ©


          Roma Sloan ©

10. Bottega Veneta : looking for a weave bag, this is the best leather weave bag where the technique is called Intrecciato. The Veneta Bags and Roma sloans are a signature with the comfiest shoulder handle to carry. These are stylish and one of the classic timeless pieces one can own.
    Thus, the last blog’s have been about luxury designers. But fashion does come with a name tag, and if you are inspired enough to start a bag collection or already have one then, now you know how to make it iconic.
   Handbags are not just our stuff cases but also what complete the outfit. They represent stylish armcandy, and also showcase our sense of style. To refer to some more signature collection you can read What’s in a name to upgrade your designer buys.


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