Effortlessly effervescent

I have written on how to do make up and how to choose the right cosmetics. I know it sounds tiring and sometimes one doesn’t even have the time or inclination to dress up so much. But looking presentable is essential and looking effortlessly stylish even more so.
   So how can one accomplish looking all put together without putting much effort. So the first trick is to get make up right. No, you don’t have to spend 5 hours doing the right make up but here is a way to be ready in 5 minutes :

Step 1 : this is always the first step and helps in maintaining clear facial skin, so wash – cleanse and moisturize.

Step 2 : apply your bb or cc or dd cream or tinted moisturizer. Use a sponge to blend it in and make a clean base.

Step 3 : after that use a concealer and blend it in to cover all the blemishes and uneveness.


Step 4 : use a bronzer if its day or a light hued blush, to add some colour to your cheeks for a sunkissed look.

Tip : use little compact or pressed powder and even on your eyelids and cheeks for a little shine and avoid blush or bronzer altogether.

Step 5 : put your eyeliner and mascara for a more defined look. You can use a kohl pencil for more underline, for a day look if you use both then ensure that the liner is very thin or If you prefer thick liner then just put a hint of kohl on your lower lid. In the night you can sweep a basic nude eyeshadow before putting on the liner.

Step 6 : final step is highlighting your lips using tinted lipbalms or gloss  for a hint of colour. For an evening look you can use a glossy lipstain.            
     Tada…and your make up is done. You can get ready in 5 minutes without having to apply tones of product and the result is always excellent as you look super polished only by investing 5 minutes of your time.
   The important thing is to remember that you can look stylish and put together without having to worry and fret for hours. A little make up and good fitting clothes is all you need to look stylish and chic. So stop thinking about buying all the many products ( you still need them for occassions or when you want to dress to kill) just always have a tinted cream, eyeliner, mascara and a gloss. Compact helps in evenness and kohl for definition.
  Just 5 products and 5 minutes and you can dazzle everyone with your style and beauty. So get ready to be a dazzling diva 🙂


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