Powder puff girls



Last time we spoke about how to get the perfect base, but once your base is complete the next step is applying the perfect blush. Some people prefer doing eyes before blush as the blush depends upon the eye make up.
    Blush normally range in shades of pink, red and now even slightly coral. Blush is applied to the apple of your cheeks to enhance your cheek bones and to give you a rosy appearance. My first memory of blush or rather rouge was when for school concerts to red dots were put on your cheek with lipstick and then rubbed on to give you pink or maybe more red cheeks.
   I thought that only applied to stage make up as kids, but looking around I have seen some women still following that trend. But now blush has become an important part of make up and is key player in giving your face more structure.     There are different types of blushes just like foundations they depends on your skin type. Here are some tips :


1. Powder : great for oily skin as it gives you a more matte look.


2. Cream : it is softer in texture and blends well. Good option for dry and combination skin types.


3. Cheek stains : these are semi liquid and come in form of sticks. They need to be blended well and can work on all skin types.


4. Powder brushes : these are brushes which already have blush powders on them. They are easy to use as the blush comes on by a twist. Work well on all skin types as is easy to blend in.
   Now, since we have covered forms lets look at the colour options . The best way to get the right shade is pinch your cheeks and see the flush that comes on or get the shade closest to the colour of your fingertips as that is your natural blush colours. Here are some blush info and some tips:


1. Pinks : they lighter but brighter shades work well on fair skinned women. Slightly darker ones are better for duskier women but just ensure they are not too bright.
2. Peach: corals and light colours work for fairer to wheatish complexions. Lighter peaches will suit duskier complexions more if well blended.
3. Reds: lighter shades compliment lighter complexions. The ones with brownish tinge work well with duskier skin tones.
4. Bronzers : the latest day options or even to shimmer in the evenings are bronzers. Just a tinge on your cheekbones will give you a goldenish glow.



    Blushes should be used as a highlighting tool and to play up the rosiness of your cheeks. They help in a more defined bone structure. The best way to apply blush is with a big powder brush and start flicking on the apples of your cheek and then below. You can suck in your cheeks for a definite application or even smile. Refer to
blush colours for more blush gyan.

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