Skirting Issues


Skirts are the other option for bottom wear. I find skirts more flattering and appealing than pants on most women. They are easy option though more girly but gives one a nice classy look. They lack the trying hassles we have for finding the right fit with pants  and also they always fit well if one selects the right cut and structure.
    They are becoming quite a rage in all fashion week’s and one of the most important items of power dressing ( professional wear). The right skirt can make you look sexy, flirty, fun, cute, stern, boyish, etc. The variety of options for teaming them with different tops is never ending. There are many types of skirts but here are some styles and general guidelines to keep in mind while wearing skirts :
1. A-line Skirts : they are fitted at the waist and hips and have a flared bottom. They range from mid thigh to ankle length. They give the impression of a fuller bottom and make one look curvier. Skirts till mid calf add more length.


2. Pleated shirts : they range from thin to box pleats. Mostly look good above the knee, but thin pleats till mid calf or knee are in vogue for work wear. They are flowy in nature except for cheer leader skirts which are more stretchy. They have a nice drape.
3. Pencil skirts : they are my personal favourite. They are snug fit on the hips and waist and fitted over all. They end just above the knee , a slight variation of ending till mid calf are called tube skirts. They make one look more curvy.
4. Peasant skirts : this style has horizontal layers or pleats. They have an elastic band waist and are flowy overall. The Indian version would be the ghaghra skirts. They look best with fitted tanks or t-shirts as they give it some structure. Mostly full length,do they add more length. Petite women should opt fo shorter or midi versions. They are great options for a fun flirty look.
5. Straight skirts : they are straight from top to bottom , some have side or back slits. They hug your curves. Variations include peplum skirts which is great as it camouflages the tummy area. Till knee or below skirts look great with long boots and are more dressy. Look good on all body types as gives structure and length and very popular for work and evening wear.


6. Wrap arounds : they are sarongs or drapes which are held together with belts and hooks. They wrap themselves around but fits vary from snug to flared. Hemlines can be rounded or straight. They give a trendy look and can be suitable for all body types as they highlight your structure.
7. Mermaid skirts : worn only formally as evening wear. These skirts are fitted till the knees and flared beyond. The make one look slender and more curvy due to snugness at the hips.
8. Varied hemlines : different skirts like bubble , circle and assymetric come under this category. Bubble actually the hemline in bunched up on the inside giving it appear roundish. They look good in mini versions and are great options for making one look curvy. Circle skirts are fitted at the waist and the hem is just cut in a circular form. They look good as mini skirts and really showcase your legs. Assymetrical skirts are structured on top but hemlines are flowy. Versions include high front- long back or long sides – same length front and back. They are flowy and look great casually. They add length and side long versions should be avoided by petite women.
  Skirts are one of the funnest items to wear as they not only showcase your great shoe collection but also help in getting different looks. The long and midi skirts are now more trendy than the shorter versions. Skirts give you a more shapely figure. The fun fabrics and patterns should be teamed with the right type of tops. The top is what will make the skirt casual or formal. Women always think skirts are tricky to dress but I hope I was able to clear your doubts and introduced you to the wide variety of looks that can be explored with skirts.





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