Coming back to clothes and style, today I will be highlighting the different options of pants.
   We have a huge n ever growing variety and different choices for different occassions. So let me throw some light on the different types and styles and tips for teaming them up . Pants in general,can be described as divided bottoms. They can be worn on any occasions.


You can see all the different varieties in pant gyan . Here’s a list :
a) Denims : widely known as jeans they can be worn casually. They can be made dressy for dinners and parties. Please refer to damsels in denims for more jeanology.
b) Trousers: they are formal pants mostly worn professionally. They are flared bottom, cigarette pants, straight fit, crop trousers,wide legged , pleated, etc. They ate made out of more stretchy materials to give you a fit. They are low, mid or high waisted depending on style. Pleated pants are high waisted and should be avoided by curvy women. Cropped, straight, cigarette add length especially if paired with shorter tops. Cuffed pants have a fold at the bottom and have an overall fit of a trouser.
c) Casual pants : they are normally categorized as chinos ( bottom rolled), Dockers ( khakhi straight pants), leggings, cargo pants, gauchos, crop pants, harem pants.These are worn for casual outings. Chinos look good as due to the rolled bottom and add length. Leggings should be worn with tunics or long tops , lycra ones should be avoided being worn with short tops. Cargos come in skinny or loose. They are a nice variation from jeans. Loose ones should be worn with fitted tops to give you a figure and look good on skinny to average build. Gauchos are wide legged pants which are a little below your knee, made from flowy materials they are low waisted. They can make one look more curvy. Harem or genie pants or dhoti pants are all the same . They have a drop- crotch and bunch at your ankles. Slacks are casual cigarette pants and some can have stirrups ( ankle holds) as well. Mostly made out of knit fabrics and are fitted but looser than leggings. Capris end around 5 inches above your ankle and are also cropped pants. Jodhpurs are fitted pants till your knee worn exclusively with knee high boots and preferabbly while riding. Palazzos are more casual and wide legged and look good with fitted tops or flowy tops for a hippie look. Palazzos can look extremely chic but they have to be very wide leg.



d) Shorts : they are above your knee pants. Come in different lengths and styles. They are mainly worn casually even though there are trouser based shorts and are more day wear. Recent trends are showing them as summer evening attire but still their appropriateness ends only at house party or clubs. Hot pants should be avoided by women as they are meant for teenagers. Bermudas are beachy and come till your knees. Teamed with nice shirts gives them a dressier looks. Rolled shorts are the shorts version of chinos and are more denim based. All shorts just above the knee add length and can be carried well by most women. Shorts which categorically mean ending mid thigh definitely give you longer legs but also put focus on your thighs. If they are less fitted give a nice casual look.
e) Skorts : as the name suggests they are like short skirts but 2 legged. They normally are shorts but with a wrap skirt on top attached with buttons or belts. Worn casually and ending mid thigh are good options from the boringness of only shorts as summer wear.  They should be favoured by curvy women as they give you more structure.


Thus, pants are just one of the options of bottomwear the other one is skirts. They can give lengthen your figure and add structure to your look. The correct fit being the most important.


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