Am back ..just to let my readers know that since Sunday is funday, so since am busy having fun there will be no blog.
   Now for todays focus is going to be on accessories. What is an accessory? Well anything which adds to your look can be termed as an accessory. But word of caution they can make or break the outfit.
  While styling yourself it is very important to ensure that you don’t over or under accessorize. There is going to be a weekly blog on accessories but today here are some tips on how to style right :


1. Co-ordinated : gone are the days of matching everything now it’s about staying in the same colour family. Your outfit should look put together not out of the 90s where head to toe you are in the same colour.
2. Colour check : you should wear same colour shoes and bag or shoes and belt. It helps coordinate the outfit.


3. Bling bling : choosing the right jewellery and also the right amount . Wearing matching earrings, necklace and ring sets sometimes might work for ethnic outfits but now even they are out of vogue. Its important to choose one piece of jewellery and build the look around it as it is a statement piece . Some outfits might actually require minimal or no  jewellery. Polished look is always an outcome of little jewellery in small but expensive pieces.


3. Handsfull : too many bangles work with some outfits and some outfits look complete just with a watch. Even though its considered tradition for married women to always have bangles in their hands but it will not necessarily work with western wear. If worn tastefully it can build the outfit ( maybe one inornate kada ) .
4. Shoes : there is a reason women are obsessed with shoes, I know my closet is full but you can never say no to one more pair. Though comfort is essential, even the shoe style plays an important role. With the wide variety of colours, style, fabrics and heels , its becoming even more tougher to get the shoe right. Heels block, kitten or little skinny are considered formal or work wear.  Whereas platforms or flats are casual. Stilettos are party wear. These are the basic standards and rules of shoeology.
5. Bagful : we are all aware of the wide variety of handbags and what they look right with. Keep in mind jholas can never be formal or taken to work. Clutches work well for formal or intimate dressings. All other bags can work with different looks in different settings.
  Though these are not the only accessories but these are what are donned on a daily basis. Other accessories include belts, scarves, broaches, hair accessories, etc. These tips are basic outlines on how to make your look more appealing and stylish. So accessorize away.



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