Rock – bottom chic

Back for your daily dose of fashion Gyan and today I will emphasize on Indian ethnic wear bottoms. We already saw the different styles of kurtas and their appropriateness.
   So how important is the Salwar ? Well very as its 1/3 of your outfit as it  actually structures your entire look.





So contrary to the belief the right fit of the Kurta is only important if the bottom doesn’t compliment or enhance it then your look will look amiss. So here are some styles and tips :
1. Salwar : the most basic and the reason behind the existence of the Kurta. A Salwar has little gathers (gher) and the paitcha( hemline) is slightly fitted or can be of the same width as the Salwar. The Kurta lengths varies but personally kurtas above the knee or till afd length and give you more proportion. But gone are the days of having simple salwars cause now the options have increased to :
a) Dhoti salwar :  they are stitched men dhotis and are the latest rage but they only make one more curvy .So if you have a lanky frame great option but bear in mind that dhoti salwars can give you a nice turn from the monotony of the Salwar if paired with a good fitting Kurta the best bets are straight tight fitting till mid thigh.
b) Patialas : there are 2 types half and full patiala. Half patiala work well on all body types as they have the right amount of gather ( gher) and add more length. The full patiala actually adds more weight and enhances your curves. I also find that really long kurtas or even kurtas 5 inches below the knee give a very unappealing look with any of these salwars. The best option is mid thigh or just above your knee.
c) Harem Pants : they were short lived for ethnic wear luckily. They are made like patialas but the hemline is really tight giving you a aladdinish look. Best bet stay away.
2. Churidars : more fitting and really tight. The number of gathers above the bottom ( chuns) showcase the craftsmanship of the tailor. Garment of the mughal era giving one a regal look. Most Kurta styles look good with churidars and they work for most body types but the stitching should be paid attention too.Churidars add length and give more structure. But word of caution the recent churidars made out of lycra or clingy fabrics actually accentuate flaws and add more weight. Cotton based tights can also be a good option for this category.
3. Pants : cigarette pants and parallels come under this style. Cigeratte pants actually get their name from the snug structured form fit of the pants. They enhance the length of one’s legs. They look good on all body types and should preferrably worn with Kurtas till mid thigh. Sherwanis, tunics and a-lines. Long side slits (chaaks) look good on average to skinny body types others should stick to slits starting below the hips. Parallel pants have flared or bell bottom but the flare starting below the knee. Kurta lengths are normally above the knee but these have been out of fashion for a while.


4. Palazzo : the latest rage to hit ethnic and western wear. They have huge paithchas (hemline). Options of kurtas is innumerable. A- lines and anarkalis look best even though they are also flowy. Look good on almost everyone just keep in mind the fit and cut of the Kurta is of utmost importance to enhance your look and shape.


5. Azars: they are little slimmer than palazzos and end just above ankles. They look good with straight and a-line kurtas. They look good even with lace fabrics and give a boring outfit a nice turn. Most popular are white azaars but coloured ones really bring out the outfit. They work well on all body  types as they draw attention more on the ankle areas and definitely take away from the length of your legs.
    So, now is the time to experiment with the different styles and add a flair with options ranging from crotchet lace, embroidery, ribbons, borders and fabrics . Gone are the days of boring salwar and churidars, just ensure that your outfit is complimentary and contrasting in a nice way and not busy or bright all over. As salwar suits are colourful and actually can be your best option to enhance your figure.Here is a little more bottom gyan to update your wardrobe and style.


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