As the title suggests, today we focus on tops. The actual definition is an item of clothing covering one from neck down till the waist but now it is loosely used for items of clothing worn with pants and skirts.


There are a lot of options to choose from so I will roughly cover the styles and also give tips when it comes to choosing them.






As the above picture depicts the different styles lets cover our basics :
1. T-shirts : commonly worn casually and are mostly round, scoop, polo or v-necked. Personally I feel scoop and v-neck look better as they are little deeper. Though round necks are more covering but give a child like feel. Most t-shirts are clingy so its always better to buy a size bigger.
Polos look nice due to the collar and the fit is better too. Tshirts made out of clingy fabrics especially lighter colours should be worn a couple of sizes bigger.
2.  Shirts : they are like men shirts but more feminine and some variations with neck , sleeves and hemlines. The are professionally worn with trousers and skirts. Pairing them with a pair of jeans also gives a dressier look. They are more structured and work best in solid colours or prints limited to checks, stripes or recent trend floral.  They overall give you a more polished look and look good on all body types.
3. Blouses : blouses are similar to shirts in cuts but made of more softer and flowy fabrics. They can also have zippers and belts not necessarily only buttons. They give you a chic look as they give you the options to wear them with different types of pants and shorts.They can also be clingy or loose depending on the fabric. Biggest drawbacks if they have strings to tie then how they look from the back becomes important.
4. Shells : these are normally sleeveless and used for layering under suits and jackets. They are good for adding texture and colour to ones outfit. They are lycra or in softer clingier fabrics. Hemlines are either straight or rounded. They look good with jeans with a jacket for a fun dressy look.
5. Tanks : they are mostly hosiery based sleeveless t-shirts used for layering.
6. Peasant tops : as they name suggests they are more vintage. They mostly have prints or embroidery and come in various necklines most popular one being off shoulder give your shoulders more structure. They are more bohemian and most preferrable during summers.
7. Tunics : they are longer shirts or blouses till mid thigh or knees. Mostly paired with leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans. They are more like a western version of the kurti. Hemlines are either rounded or straight and have slits as well.Ensure they give you a structure and more shape.
8. Peplum tops : been the latest rage in the last couple of seasons. Can be made of a number of fabric they look best with fitted bottoms ..i.e. cigerrate pants or pencil skirts. They are great for camouflaging tummy areas and are great options for athletic frames to add curves.
Here are some rules for dressing : 1. When you have loose tops then the bottoms should be fitted and if top is structured or fitted then the bottom should be loose or flowy. As an overall fitted look gives the impression of one  bursting out of their clothes.
2. Prints and solids go together .i.e. if your top has busy prints where them with solid coloured pants and jackets and vice versa. Ensure only one time of clothing is printed.
3. Colour blocking is the latest trend and gives one some colour and takes away from boring looks. Ensure that the colours have the same tones and hues.
4. Fabric mixing is good but to an extent. If they are too many or too different your outfit could look like a mess.
Hope today’s Gyan on choosing different tops and hope when you go on your next retail therapy you keep in mind experimenting but ensuring that the outfit gives you a figure ans structure and not just one fabric over another.


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