Kurta klad

Today the focus is going to be on ethnic wear and without Kurtas it would be incomplete.
   There are so many styles, cuts and colours which can be in vogue. But again not necessary latest trends suit every body type. E.g Kaftans : am yet to find someone looking good in a short or full length one  even though its flowy it doesn’t hide your flaws and makes you look like batman.


What is the most important thing about kurtas? The right start is the length  and then the cut even do we see different ones  depending on styles and latest fashions. But they can be bad mistakes if you don’t know exactly what length and cut actually enhances your figure. Here are some tips:







1. Slits : If you are curvy the first thing to keep in mind is the length of your side slits ( chaaks).I.e. if they are high they just make you look more disproportionate. So ensure the slits start right below your hips. Middle slits give kurtas a more formal look and collars enhance shoulders but be careful as the neckline should be deeper for that cut to give a slender appearance.
2. Length : this varies all the time but one advice for petite women avoid full length kurtas and ensure anarkalis end atleast 5 inches above your ankle. And for straight kurtas the preferred length should be 2 inched below your knee so it adds length. Curvy women should   avoid really short kurtas as they cut you mid thigh. Even really tall women should avoid full length Kurtas as a little above your ankle just enhances your figure.
3. Cuts : here is a long list as trends keep changing and so do your ability to experiment with what suits you best :
a) Straight cut : they are normally a straight fit some might cinch at the waist but not too defining. These work well with almost anything and look good on all body types.
b) A-lines : these look good in longer lengths and are my personal favourite. They accentuate the right curves and also gives you more shape. One word of caution sleeve options are lesser and  wider necklines work better.
c) Asymetrical : kaftans, shorter front hemlines, longer sides all fall under this. They are good choices to experiment just ensure they give you a shape and not just a lot of cloth.
d) The ever popular Anarkalis : even though most people are unaware the different types of anarkalis are innumerable and cater to different type of bodies. So I will dedicate an article to them as we progress. Curvy women should opt for mid waist bodice and petite frames for empire cuts.
e) Sherwani or jacket kurtas : these are actually straight Kurta sometimes with a little flair at the bottom and a little fitted at the waist but normally have middle slits though some with side slits also look equally classy. They give off a leaner cut even in short  kurtas.
4. Sleeves: options are innumerable but if you have untoned arms your best bets are 3/4 sleeves ( avoid sheer) as they give your arms a shaplier look. If your arms are too thin a little loose full sleeve or churidar sleeves add a little bulk. Blouse length ( above elbows) work for most women giving their arms a fitted silhouette.
5. Neck and backs : the variety of styles is endless and its good to experiment. Wide necklines enhance your shoulders and deep ones make your frame appear smaller. Backs low backs are always playful and can look classy without being too wide or deep. Accessorizing them with buttons, broached or latkans are the latest fad.
6. Hemlines ( damans) : the main points are the width and cut. The wider hemlines work better with slits. The main one to avoid here are the u-shaped or pathani style as they accentuate your flaws.
  Hope today’s article will help in helping you choos from a wide variety of styles. But make choices not based on latest trends but base them on what flatters your body type. Follow this space for more style advice.


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